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101 W. Hiram
Atlanta, TX 75551
United States

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The Atlanta Public Library has created a welcoming space for parents and children to let their imaginations run free. It is hard for may people to understand the importance of play in a child's development. We built the space adhering to the idea of "The more complex the toy, the simpler the play; the simpler the toy, the more complex the play." Just watch a toy that blinks, plays music, and moves. The child's part in the play? Push a button. There is usually a correct button or buttons that must be pushed, probably in a particular order. Give a child a block and he can make a house, a car, a dog, a phone, a wand, a ...... The possibilities are endless. What impact has the Family Place Library had on the Atlanta Community? People see that the library cares deeply for them and for their children's futures. The Library is being recognized as a change agent in the community.