Member Benefits

Family Place Member Benefits

Why Should My Library Join?

  1. Membership community and networking opportunities available in person and virtually.
  2. Professional Development, Workshops, & Continuing Education
  3. National recognition as an accredited Family Place Library
  4. Ongoing technical assistance and site support
  5. Access to annually updated professional resources and communication toolkits
  6. No annual dues
  7. Free membership and dashboard for Bright By Text to help promote your early childhood services.

Family Place has been pivotal in connecting us with a network of libraries with whom we can communicate. For a small, somewhat isolated library, Family Place has given us the support and encouragement to grow the depth and breadth of our services.

- FAMILY PLACE COORDINATOR Westhampton Public Library, Westhampton, New York

Technical Assistance and Site Support

Family Place Libraries staff provides technical assistance and site support to all network libraries. 

This includes ongoing consultation from Family Place national staff on topics such as:

  • The Parent-Child Workshop
  • Welcoming, interactive, developmentally appropriate public library spaces
  • Additional early childhood programming beyond the Parent-Child Workshop
  • The importance of play in early literacy and the development of the whole child
  • Collection development of early childhood and parenting materials
  • Outreach to new audiences
  • Coalition and partnership building
  • Marketing
  • Data collection, documentation and evaluation
  • Long-term goals and objectives