Incredible Impact On Our Community


  "The Family Place Libraries™ Workshops have had an incredible impact on our community, connecting families to our library, the broader community and also to each other.  More than any other library program, these workshops have facilitated the development of deep relationships among parents. I’ve had several parents tell me that they met their best friends through our workshops.  I was reminded again how powerful this peer connection is when a family in our community suffered a terrible loss.  I watched as the families who had all met each other in our workshops came together to provide a strong support network for this family.  I was so proud of these parents, and I was so very grateful that our library had the opportunity to provide the space and framework that precipitated the formation of such strong bonds."

Children’s Librarian

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Family Place Libraries™

A nationwide network of children's librarians who embrace the fact that literacy begins at birth, and libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families. The Family Place Libraries network currently includes more than 500 sites in 32 states and continues to grow.

A proven change agent, Family Place Libraries transforms libraries into community centers for early literacy & learning, parent education and engagement, family support and community connectivity helping to ensure all children enter school ready and able to learn.