Ben F. McDonald Library receives national designation

The Ben F. McDonald Library is getting national recognition for helping children get a head start on reading.

The McDonald Library on Greenwood has been chosen as a member of the National Network of Family Place Libraries. Libraries that receive this designation serve children from birth to age of 5  by building strong foundations through early literacy and learning.

The staff at McDonald Library has done much to earn its title. They’ve created an early literacy play area that includes many learning toys.

It also has a section where parents can check out books on raising children and child development. The library focuses on serving children from birth through the age of 5.


Youth services librarian Stormy Campbell said helping children at a young age is important.

“The library really should be for everyone and that includes the young children in our communities,” she said. “As soon as we can get them those good foundations and help families build connections with each other and their own kids, they become stronger library users growing up. They become stronger students and stronger citizens.”

The McDonald Libraby is the first “National Family Place” library in Corpus Christi.
The Keach Library in Robstown earned the designation in 2016.