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Sarah Bain Chandler Public Library- Wilson County Library System

PreCOVID the Family Place Room was used for families and caregivers to meet for play dates. After COVID families are not coming into the library and staying like they had before. We have been trying to change and adapt to the changing needs of our community so we have changed the way we've hosted programs, circulated materials and interacted with patrons. Since we were not able to host in person programs most if 2020-2021 we relied on social media to share family & literacy tips (inspired by Idaho State Library's Bookworm newsletter) and resources virtually.

Sam Fore, Jr. Public Library

PreCOVID our Family Place Area was used for families and caregivers to meet for scheduled and unscheduled play dates. Now, post COVID shutdowns families are not returning to the library as expected. We are in the mode of changing to the new norm in the way that we are hosting programs, circulating materials, and interacting with library patrons. Since we were not hosting face to face family meetings, we have moved into a more social media reliant environment.

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