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South Side - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

<p>The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh South Side is located on historic East Carson Street in the city of Pittsburgh. The Children&amp;#039;s Room offers a variety of activities for early learners including a light table, doll house, building materials, and a train set. Board and picture books are always available along with a display of topical parenting materials. Our library is a meeting place for young children and caregivers to bond and build friendships in a safe and positive environment creating a strong sense of community with in our urban setting.</p>

Lawrenceville Branch - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

<p>&lt;p&gt;Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Lawrenceville is a vibrant, welcoming space for families with children of all ages. From snuggling up in our cocoon chair and sharing a book to chugging a choo-choo along the tracks on our train table, the library supports healthy child development through interactions with books, toys, and friends. Our library also supports parents, caregivers, and educators by connecting them to trusted information and resources.&lt;/p&gt;</p>

Woods Run Branch - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Our Family Place Library welcomes families who want space to play, interesting toys and puzzles to explore and staff to greet them with good cheer and great ideas for books to read. We have expanded our floor space to include room to play at walls with mirrors, magnetic and lego surfaces and other unusual but stimulating elements. We have a sensory bin for children to explore interesting and soothing textures and sounds, as well as space to just sit with a caring adult and talk or read. Our puppet tree is always ripe for picking and the block bins see very regular use.

West End Branch - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Family Place allows regular and new visitors alike to access useful information, speak with child development professionals, and engage with other families. Providing space and appropriate toys means children can pursue their "work" while making new friends and gaining new experiences. Just today, we saw two little girls playing with the toys in Children's space. Their caregivers ended up exchanging information and scheduling a future playdate!

Knoxville Branch - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Children learn and grow through play! Caregivers laugh, play, discover and explore with their child at Family Playshop, playing together with toys and activities that encourage creativity and healthy development. The events also allow caregivers a space to connect with other parents and ask questions. Each week, we have an expert, like a doctor, speech therapist or dentist, on hand to chat about milestones, health and more.

Homewood Branch - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

The library is in a location that has a high concentration of social services agencies and programs to assist the community members. CLP-Homewood is able to connect our customers to representatives of some of the programs through Parent Child Workshop. People come to the library, but it is a totally different vibe during a playshop.

Hill District - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Hill District is a welcoming space for families with children of all ages to play, learn and grow. From playing store with our toy register and plastic foods to building elaborate structures with blocks, the Library supports all stages of healthy child development. We have a diverse neighborhood, which we try to reflect in our space and programs. Additionally, the Library supports parents, caregivers and educators every day by connecting them to trusted information and resources while giving them a chance to meet new families and play with their child.


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